Welcome to Team 3566: Gone Fishin'.


In 2011, FRC Team 3566 was formed when a small group of passionate students and faculty from St. Mark’s School found a common interest in engineering and design. Five years later, the team had expanded to five times its original size, with a total of 43 members, and a list of accomplishments in our wake. Since the beginning, our team has focused on teamwork, leadership, safety, and in recent years,  have begun to broaden our horizons to include giving back to the community and building our relationships. We are gradually working to fully encapsulate FIRST ideals and share them with the community.

Our Mission

Gone Fishin’s mission is to give students opportunities. We work to ensure that our members are given the chance to try everything, whether it is designing the robot, programming codes, or reaching out to the community. We motivate members to find their own niche on the team, allowing their passion for FIRST to foster in their own, unique ways. We encourage students of different backgrounds and levels of expertise to work together, and we push students to become community leaders.

Outreach Work

Since its start, Gone Fishin’ has continued to grow and expand its horizons and influences. Besides expanding community service and maintaining teamwork, we have also taken to social media to keep in touch with other teams around the world, as well as the St. Mark’s community. In addition, this year we have formed our first comprehensive business plan and we have taken the steps to pursue sponsors. Our members sent out sponsorship requests and the number of sponsors we have doubled within the past few months. 

Our Accomplishments

One aspect of FIRST that we have worked hard on is teamwork. At the end of every practice we hold a scrum meeting in which all the members come together to discuss their work for that day. We talk about our accomplishments, the obstacles we faced, and our plans. By doing so, the team members are given a chance to communicate with each other and to understand each other's progress. Our scrum notes can be found here, updated daily to keep track of our work!