Gone Fishin’s mission is to give students opportunities. We work to ensure that our members are given the chance to try everything, whether it is designing the robot, programming codes, or reaching out to the community. We motivate members to find their own niche on the team, allowing their passion for FIRST to foster in their own, unique ways. We encourage students of different backgrounds and levels of expertise to work together, and we push students to become community leaders. Our members are not only the future engineers and mathematicians, they are future leaders.


2010-2011: LOGO MOTION

Competition Entered: BAE Systems/Granite State Regional

Awards: BAE Systems/Granite State Regional – The Rookie Inspiration Award
BAE Systems/Granite State Regional – The Highest Rookie Seed Award


Competition Entered: Boston Regional, FIRST Championship


Competition Entered: BAE Systems Granite State Regional, Pine Tree Regional

2013-2014: AERIAL ASSIST

Competition Entered: Granite State District Event, Hartford District Event

2014-2015: RECYCLE RUSH

Competition Entered: Granite State District Event, North Shore District Event, FIRST Championship

Rank: No. 1 at Rhode Island district, No. 2 at WPI Championship

Awards: Rhode Island – Champion Creativity Award
WPI Championship – Finalist and Gracious Professionalism
 Redding – Creativity Award


Competitions Entered: Granite State District Event, North Shore District Event

Awards: BU – Excellence in Engineering Award
WPI Championship – Creativity Award
Hartford Championship – Industrial Safety Award


2017-2018: POWER UP

Competitions Entered: Worcester Polytechnic Institute Event, SE Mass Event

2018-2019: DEEP SPACE

Competitions Entered:

This Year’s Robot

Our robot is currently being built! Check back after Bag-n-Tag day to see our robot!

About St. Mark’s School

St. Mark’s is situated on 250 acres in historic Southborough, MA — a setting that provides the rural comfort, beauty, and safety of a small New England town as well as quick and convenient access to the many social and cultural opportunities in nearby Boston, Providence, and Worcester.

The driving force behind St. Mark’s continued success is its outstanding faculty, a diverse group of skilled and committed men and women who appropriately challenge and support students. On the one hand, our teachers hold students to high standards both inside and outside the classroom. At the same time, these talented educators use the best creative and sensitive strategies to help students reach those high standards. We are blessed as well with an outstanding group of students, committed to learning, eager to engage others, possessing a broad range of talents, and drawn from around the country and around the world. Supporting both faculty and students is a talented caring staff.

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