Social Media

Established within a private boarding school, Gone Fishin’ tended to focus its impact inwards, towards fellow faculty and students. However, a few years back, students in Gone Fishin’ realized that to really make an impact, students would need to reach outside their comfort zones and reach out to the local community. With more and more people becoming interested in our team, we needed ways to continue contacting and updating our sponsors and alumnae about our progress. Hence our breakthrough to social media, modernizing our team so that we could reach out to others.

We began with a Facebook page, when some of our seniors graduated but wanted to continue following our team’s progress. Students from St. Mark’s School, parents, faculty, and alumnae alike follow our Facebook where we post photos and videos of our work. You can find us on Facebook here!







As times changed and more social media apps became prominent, we knew that we too should follow the trend. In the 2015-16 season, we knew that we would need to reach out not only to our team members and alumni, we would also need to reach out to other teams. We created an Instagram first, posting photos and videos of our team and our progress during the build season. On Instagram, we reached out to several other teams, so that we could follow their progress and work as well. Our Instagram is here ~


Next, Gone Fishin’ decided to join twitter. Instagram is a good place to post photos of our team, however Twitter is a more mainstream app where we can really interact with other teams. Find us on twitter here~