Friday 1/23 Scrum Notes

  1. What did I do today?
  2. What will I do tomorrow?
  3. What’s standing in my way?

Software (Wu)

  • Today
    • Working on reading the serial signal from the Arduino on the RoboRIO — this would allow us to gang together as many limit switches (and other sensors) as we would like!
  • Planning
    • Still in progress

Elevator (Watts)

  • Today
    • Working on elevator frame — almost, almost, almost done
    • Have the keyway cut, have the holes drilled
    • Just need to put it together
    • Backing plate has been cut
    • Belt has to be mounted rubber side out — with lots and lots of tension
  • Planning
    • Need to make a mount
    • Need to figure out how to afix the backing plate to frame
    • Need to cut some spacers so that the rollers stay centered in the frame — different widths top and bottom

Sekret Art Project (Watts)

  • Today
    • On the road to finishing — there’s some pen stuff that Eun Soo needs to do (wasn’t here today), Sarah’s part is done
  • Planning
    • Eun Soo will finish!

Deans List Essays (Yang)

  • Today
    • David’s is essentially done
    • Need to get the second one done next week
  • Planning
    • Coming up: on Monday, we’ll be getting a sensor tour/intro
    • Coming up: “official” photo for yearbook
    • Monday: 5:30 at the dining hall — eat together!

Container Lift System (Stanton & Battis)

  • Today
    • Wrestling with options to control the barrel “coming over the top”
    • Working on dimensions for an arm to grab and swing through 180 degrees — can’t grab around the entire diameter of the barrel
    • Elevator has a drop that makes us queasy — perhaps run the convey through fast to hang on to the barrel, then back it off?
  • Planning
    • Keep working

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