Thursday 1/22 Scrum Notes

  1. What did I do today?
  2. What will I do tomorrow?
  3. What’s standing in my way?

GroupOrProject (Sammy, Ryan)

  • Today
    • Adjust the number to fit the 26 in. requirement
  • Planning
    • Building it tomorrow

Elevator (Jane et al.)

  • Today
    • decided we’re not going to have acrylic on other side of the spring
  • Planning
    • finish mounting rollers tomorrow
    • make plates for belts to prevent shaking
    • start working on mount (on chassis)

Sensor (Mr. Roche)

  • Today
    • Made a circuit of limit switch and lights
    • Get RoboRIO MXP board
      • these get disabled in SAFE mode –> put motors on these
      • REV MoreBoard (also in AndyMark)
  • Planning
    • Plan B: use Arduino
    • Mr. Battis is CAD-designing a mount for this
    • Work on the software
    • Vision System

Chassis (Mr. Wells)

  • Today
    • Drilling holes (continue drilling after scrum)
      • holes for axle bearing
      • four gearbox mounting holes
    • Creating battery holder
  • Planning
    • Get running chassis tomorrow
    • chassis arms
    • would be great 1&1 inch hole saw

CAD (Niles)

  • Today
    • 3D Printer issue
    • Design and print Protectors for limit switches (in progress)
      • could use laser cutter instead of 3D printer (would be faster)

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