Monday 1/26 Scrum Notes

  1. What did I do today?
  2. What will I do tomorrow?
  3. What’s standing in my way?

Electronics board (Harry, Steven, Jason)

  • Today
    • setting up the board
      • 3 new talons & 2 old jaguars hooked up
  • Planning
    • Done in one hour?

Arduino Communication (Mr. Roche, Kevin)

  • Today
    • wired arduino to roborio
    • Getting output, but not the right output
    • Error keeps coming out on Driver Station
  • Planning
    • Continue working

Chassis (Donald, Korn, Sarah, Jason, Gillian, Carol, Helynna)

  • Today
    • drilling holes: have 6 out of 8
  • Planning
    • finish in one hour

Limit Switch for the Front Bumper (David)

  • Today
    • for th
  • Planning
    • Finish by Saturday

Conveyor belt (Kate, Sammy)

  • Today
    • Finished rollers for the bottom one
  • Planning
    • Connect Belt
    • Need to connect it with chassis and elevator
    • Done by this Saturday

Hooks (Mr. Wells)

  • Today
    • Plastic hook prototypes
    • Maybe try using bearing or disk (used in sander)
  • Planning
    • testing tomorrow to glue some hooks on the belt
      • need to be VERY STURDY
      • four extra belts

*Let’s finish the robot by THIS SATURDAY!







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