Day 02/09 Scrum Notes


  • Working on the pulley system
  • Launching system works
  • Basically done except for pulley
  • Still working on the space claims


  • Prototype new hooks
  • Figured out weight needed
  • Decided what side it goes up on
  • Now know how to mount motors


  • Worked on making gears fit together properly
  • Getting a lot closer
  • Need two more gears, and need identical plates
  • Need more bearings and axles

Second Drive Train

  • Threading some of the churros

Ball picker upper

  • Jane got some pieces set up
  • ‘First piece is a little off
  • Have to redo
  • Cut the belt in half
  • Made cheeks for the pulley’s
  • Cut down connector bit


  • Testing out window motors
  • Attached window motors
  • Used new electric board

Tomorrow 3:30 Novatechnik is coming in, bringing in linear potentiometers

Today is the last day if you want a sweatshirt or tshirt

Tomorrow needs to create some limit switches, soldering and wiring (Aiden will do that)

Finished Team Standard


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