Scrum Notes 2/8/16

1. External Affairs

  • Cynthia was working on presenting and Entrepreneurial Award Essay
  • Chae Young has made a 2 page document of all the Game Rules

2. Catapult

  • Testing winch. testing out w/ electrical board
  • need to make the pulley system (pulling it down)
  • talking about space claims (need to cut down on the frame)

3. Chassis/Drive Train (Mr. Wells)

  • It’s here!
  • Welding..
  • need to figure out how to get power to the steering
  • steering stuff all set up & bolted!
  • need to work on electrical & testing (need to find linear potentiometers)
  • mid-tomorrow afternoon ==> DEADLINE
  • Mr. Masik to bring some linear potentiometers?
  • Hub nuts & lock nuts need to be finished (#10 bolts, lock washers-or- lock nuts on them)

4. Ball Picker Upper (BPU)

  • working on connector bit that will go on axle
  • we should cut down to 15 in limit
  • cut belt to be thinner (need to cut to be shorter)
  • work on assembly (hopefully done by Wednesday)

5. End Game

  • putting on wheels on tomorrow
  • motors on tomorrow
  • hopefully no more redesigns
  • need to figure out space claims

6. Fly Wheel

  • worked on axles
  • made identical mounting plates
  • little bit of a stability problem
  • spacers!!!
  • it’s coming

7. Second Bot

  • Gearboxes – had to cut & thread holes on the knuckles, still waiting on the last axle for fourth gearbox
  • need to cut knuckles down before assembly & around kingpins
  • plates for tie rods are cut. assembly has started

8. Field Elements

  • All are fixed and reinforced
  • should be robot ready

9. Software

  • Figuring out how to drive the robot with all the motors (6!)

10. Electrical Stuffs

  • check wiring rules!!
  • need to solder a few more talons (we have 9)
  • we should have some software to plug in

**need to document designs

**tracking spending for parts?

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