Day 02/04 Scrum Notes


  • Welded
  • Steering boxes- come together overnight
  • Tire rods are put back together
  • Tyreese dremeled the edges off
  • Cutting off sharp corners
  • Welded the set screws collar for the axle beams , so now it is rigid
  • Repaired two broken welds
  • Found new welding techniques
    • Short wire
    • Pull trigger, the gas starts before the arc


  • Catapult is getting assembled
  • Spacer issues, dealing with little things (Springs)
  • Make sure trigger works
  • Motors all done
  • Basically almost ready
  • Last to build is a pulley thing


  • Talked to them
  • Close
  • Need extra support for the extra gears that are being used


  • Got sensors working, can detect distance
  • Cannot connect to robot, need to update computer
  • Created PID system to stop the robot at a certain distance from an object
  • Had to reattach the gimble due to careless driving by morning people

Second Chasis

  • Did a row bar almost, two more welds
  • Finished some of the L shaped pieces the axle goes on
  • Done by tomorrow afternoon

Extracurriculars Art

  • Working on a draft of the team standard, have a fish design
  • Team Flag


  • Making things that goes on the ball picker upper
    • tough but will finish soon

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