Scrum Notes 2/6/16

1. External Affairs

  • (Cynthia & Kate) Making presentations for Chairman’s Award
  • (Izzy, Wendy, Rachel) essays written
  • next Wednesday Mr. Masik (German speakers?)

2. Catapult

  • (Mr. Roche) transmission dog box working!
  • (Amy, Isabella, Thee, lots of people) figured out latching system
  • put it all together. may have to figure out shape
  • give some thought to limit switch & release mechanism

3. Chassis/Drive Train (Mr. Wells)

  • (Aidan & Liam) Cut more pieces off gearboxes ==> DONE
  • (Connor & Payton & June etc.) Steering Arms
  • (June) Drag links length adjusted
  • Lock washers needed on the wheels
  • (Thayer) 2/4 wheels filled up (tire pressure thing broke. should be fixed by 1)
  • Welding still needs to happen

4. Ball Picker Upper (BPU)

  • Lots of thinking of moving up & down
  • fixing method for the BPU to the top axle
  • Where does the motor attach to the chassis?
    • talking to catapult team for space claims above the gearboxes
  • 1 in rollers added on bungees
  • centering issue ==> needs to be raised faster

5. Winch

  • re-design is continuing

6. Fly Wheel

  • Cut made lots of holes & screwed them in
  • later today will be putting bearings in

7. Second Bot

  • All 4 tires filled up & ready to go
  • need to put the gearboxes on (need to put steering knuckles on the gearboxes)
    • kingpin holes need to be drilled & threaded
    • rock wall trims should be done before gearbox is put in
  • still waiting on last axle for 4th gearbox
  • welding today!

8. Field Elements

  • Not fixed yet.

9. Software

  • Set up sonar sensor (identifying defenses)
  • lots of process for arcade drive. figuring out how PID commands work


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