1. External Affairs

  • EMC sweatshirt orders already sent out
  • Team sweatshirts orders going out soon. Please put answer (even if no)

2. Catapult

  • built reinforcements
  • shoots low but harder
  • something broke and we have to replace
  • working on the dogbox (trying to get CIM in)

3. Chassis/Drive Train

  • (Aiden) Cutting off parts of drive train gearboxes that hit rock wall (still in progress)
  • (Wells) Steering Box -think we’ll be going w/capstan design
    • looking for parts (urethane skateboard wheels)
  • Welding still needs to be done

4. Ball Picker Upper (BPU)

  • figured out that 1 motor needed
  • make mounting method / belt system for motor
  • center rollers and red rollers re-cut @ installed. need to tested

5. Winch

  • re-designed entire design. will take a couple more days to re-build it (smaller, better, faster, stronger)
  • eventually motor will go on

6. Fly Wheel

  • getting more gears attached  & spacing
  • coming along.
  • need to laser cut spacers

7. Second Bot

  • Have all the parts needed
    • Holes need to be drilled in axle plates (use chassis punch)
    • Need to welded together
    • Make some plywood templates to get 90 degree angles
  • Gearboxes – 3/4 done. 4th one needs a new axle.
  • Wheels – put all the hubs on. get attached to gearboxes.
    • hubs need to be turned around (no new axles need to be made)
    • air needs to be pumped in
  • we have a good number of heim joints (so lets not lose them)

8. Field Elements

  • still need to put last block in rough terrain

9. Software

  • figuring out do field sensing
  • testing out NavX system (may have to re-calibrate)
  • set up arcade drive. waiting on drive train to progress

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