1. External Affairs
  • New Sweatshirt survey! Giving us EMC sweatshirts (complementary)
  • Handed in essays & video is done

2. Catapult

  • (Roche) built, shoots high enough
  • little jitty, need to reenforce
  • (Roche) DOGBOX (w/ two speed transmission gear) IS HERE (need to figure out space claims)
  • try to run it with software

3. Chassis/Drive Train

  • (Niki) Deattached & attached the left wheel (moved kingpin forward 1 hole), all wheels are DONE
  • (Thayer & Ed) Breadbox was 1 in too wide, cut off sides, but DONE
  • Still need to blow off blue parts of gear boxes (for Rough Terrain)
  • (Wells) Steering Box – have 3 diff designs considering: drag-link, Bowditch, capstan
    • difficulty – space claims & rod angles
  • pillars and gussets need to welded in
  • some part of the frame need to re-welded

4. Ball Picker Upper (BPU)

  • cut out middle part of front frame
  • cut 2 in tubing for rollers (being assembled)
  • need to do math about motors and stuff (use spread sheet on team drive)
  • need to figure out mounting method

5. Winch

  • working on new tensioner
  • starting to think of how to mount the motor
  • will require a mini-CIM (4 CIMs for wheels, 1 CIM for catapult, and 1 CIM for winch ==> DONE)

6. Fly Wheel

  • Worked on pieces that hold up gears
  • Need to screw in pieces, need to cut some pieces to adjust to bearing
  • Done by Friday

7. Second Bot

  • Have all the parts needed
    • Holes need to be drilled in axle plates
    • Need to welded together
  • Make some plywood templates to get 90 degree angles
  • Gearboxes – 1 done, 3 to go
  • Wheels – needed the right bolts. Found hubs
  • Let’s count heim joints (if we need to order more)

8. Field Elements

  • reinforced all the field elements broken from testing w/ more screws!

9. Software

  • tried to set up arcade drive. figured out buttons
  • figuring out how to send JPanel to drive station (visualization of robot’s location on field)
  • waiting on drive train & steering box

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