Day 02/02 Scrum Notes


  • Started the final ones
  • Made outer frames, Mr. Roche is working on the holder of the ball
  • Done by tomorrow


  • Attached the motor
  • Put the axle through, starting to put on the other pieces that will hold up the axle
  • Will just need to put up the other gears and then it will be done
  • Finish by end of week


  • Finished making the guide better
  • Working on what motor to use to get 120 rpm
  • Need help with the motors

Drive Train

  • Cut and bolted the wheels to the frame
  • Smoothed out the welds, try to weld them back onto the frame hopefully next day


  • Getting caught up
  • Have new systems to create
  • Need to create separate functions
  • Have to make functions for the drive train


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