Day 02/01 Scrum Notes


  • Installed a catch for the catapult
  • Tested motors, but are replacing with stronger motors
  • May be changing the system
  • Redesigned the ball holder, making it more secure
  • Smoke? Yes, if so mark it so it doesn’t get installed on something else
  • Change and check the motors
  • Can’t reload properly, motor problems
  • Might need to move


  • Sweatshirt is out, fill out the form
  • Cost $23 if 35 people buy them


  • Got the Nav ax to send data to the robot
  • Programmed the robot to move a certain distance
  • Start to test moving the robot to a specific position tomorrow
  • ‘Test on ramps to see the X acceleration
  • Start setting up a second controller with controlling the robot functions
    • Spend time trying to make it so the new drive train motors will work


  • Finished welding so the frame is done
  • Two of gearboxes is attached out of four
  • Wheel is hitting chasiss, have to move back 1.5 inches
  • Can attach gearboxes and wheels tomorrow
  • Have to work on a steering system (Donald, June)
  • End of Wednesday have a working chasis


  • Got motor attached
  • Cut off a section of the thing that comes out of the motor that spins the motor (shaft)
  • Got that sized correctly
  • Have a bearing that will attach to the hexagonal axle
  • Try to finish by end of the week


  • Done by tomorrow
  • Use high strength polymer cable
  • Smallest size can pick up a lot of weight
  • Can’t be cut with a knife, but it will be thrown right away
  • Buy it from AM steel

Chairman’s Award

  • Pretty much done
  • Essay basically done

Might want to start building second frame right away

Come talk to Mr. Wells about welding the second frame

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