Day 02/03 Scrum Notes


  • Finished the base
  • Attach actual catapult arm and get rubber band on it tomorrow
  • Done by tomorrow


  • Attached gear onto end of the axle
  • Have gears lined up that iwll spin other gears
  • Belt no good
  • Put bearings on
  • Finished by like Friday


  • Mounted on the wheels and axles and whatever
  • Welded the chassis
  • Need to reweld some stuff, now it is fixed
  • Front is fixing ok, having to move some sims so the wires don’t hit the thing in the middle
  • Back seems to be hitting the bumpers
  • Attempt to move the kingpins about an inch backwards (Rear)
  • Finish mounting wheels by tonight

Steering Boxes

  • Need to make another piece
  • Need another piece for window motor
  • Piece for the wheels are done
  • Need a piece for the window motors to mount the whole thing
  • Time ot figure out potentiometers, would need to add about two more inches to the estimate

New Chassis

  • Made most of the new parts
  • Using the top frame as the bottom of the new chassis
  • Both bars made almost
  • Three base things to the right length and get those attached
  • Pieces that hold the wheels just need the rectangular with the things cut out to hold the axles

Second Robot Gearbox

  • Hasn’t been started yet
  • Working on cutting axles
  • Need to be tapped
  • Started


  • Need to test out new joystick controller

Ball catcher

  • Handle Welded
  • Thinking of making plastic bumper to help with moving it back into the catapult
  • Need to have it not slide under
  • Need to think about how to get the ball out


  • Figuring out what motor would be the best to use for climbing
  • Other than that it is done

Electronics Board

  • May be modular due to space claims
  • Will need to stuff in the electronics into the robot
  • Need to be though about
  • Need a battery Holder:

Tank Drive Insurance Policy

  • Added large front wheels to climb obstacles and ran some tests.
  • Overall: very aggressive climber, but narrow wheels require an angled approach to the Rough road. Videos below.


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