Scrum Notes 1/29/16

  1. Ball Catcher
  • Finished assembling then drilling new holes for bungees

2. Software

  • attached new potentiometer that works
  • need to test the values
  • Vision: need to get back to that
  • working on compass/navigation board & sonar sensor
  • basic auto code – going through the low bar
  • suggestion – have manual dials on the robot for defense combination

3. Tank Drive Testing

  • tried out on some defenses
  • went decently – need to keep in mind that our versions are wood; competition will be different
  • still a possibility
  • some people got a chance to drive – which was cool yay

4. Chassis

  • welded chassis parts that will connect to the U-bolts
  • Freddy will do an engineering study on welded parts
  • someone could figure out how many g-s are encountered in a collision
  • next challenge – not having U-bolts bump into CIM motor
  • need to look at CAD drawings to alter design

5. Catapult

  • needed new springs, bought them, new springs were put on
  • need to test today?
  • we will try with surgical hose as well

6. Fly Wheel

  • Still working on building, getting a lot closer
  • will have a gear on the spinning axel, which will spin the belt
  • need more time to finish building it (over the weekend)

7. External Affairs

  • Visit from Harry’s dad! Fun!
  • Essays – chairman’s essay is almost done, dean’s list essay is getting started

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