Scrum Notes 1/30/16

  1. Ball Catcher
  • Jane & David & Eric & Niki – bungees are installed in the aluminum
  • handle needs to cut. (need dimensions)
  • pipe stuff needs to tranferred from wood prototype

2. Software

  • Gillian & Jiwon – set up strategy system hooked up with camera
  • set up logic in the program haven’t implemented action
  • Gillian & Jiwon – working on centering the potentiometer
  • Colin – sonar sensor needs to get wired (want to hook up w/ robo rio)

3. Tank Drive Testing

  • hasn’t progressed much from last night
  • Patrick – will do ROUGH ROAD damage repair
  • need to think of good practice place w/ carpet and not much stuff to bump into

4. Chassis

  • Zenia & team – bumper brackets! L-stock cut and working on bolting together (should be finished today)
  • Wendy & Rachel & Jane – roll bars cut, need bending & welding; pillars are cut; measurements
  • Rachel & Eric – breadbox snip-outs; DONE ready for welding
  • Still needs location for dozer pivot
  • needs to be welded together
  • axel beams need to attached!!! (NEED HELPERS)

5. Catapult

  • Ed & Jovin – still trying to find a good way to get leverage for firing
  • surgical tubing seemed to work last night
  • we had to change bottom frame for base; need new way to attach it (suggestion: eye-bolts?)

6. Fly Wheel

  • David & Aden & Liam & Will & Patrick & Niki – attached gear to the axel
  • using steel pipe instead of copper

7. End Game / Winch

  • Freddie – Needs a window motor (may want to do gear/window motor hybrid)
  • Assembled w/o motor !!!
  • Need 3/8 shaft adapter & motor mounting plates (NEED HELP)
  • Software should figure out motor controllers

8. Field Elements

  • Chinning bar on Climbing Wall
  • Climbing Wall needs to be screwed
  • Port Cullis strings need to be fixed (poly carb)

8. External Affairs

  • Need to write Dean’s List essays
    • need more material to write about them
  • Need to write Chairman’s essays

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