Scrum Notes 1/27/16

Coding Team

  1. Someone (Aidan) tripped on the robot and broke it, so today we rebuilt it
  2. get potentiometer values s we can test the gimble


  1. Basic structure is done, just need to find a place for the spring
  2. Testing more springs, make it work

Ball Shooter

  1. getting it to run on one motor, Mr. Roche is getting important part
  2. finish it


  1. finished all 4 gear boxes
  2. finished making wooden bumpers

Test Drive Train

  1. Almost ready to get going, one of the talons is stuck on and not reseting
  2. will be running after scrum tonight


  1. working… , started the chairmans essay, finished the deans list essay, 3 sponsor meeting this and next week, finished filming video, need to edit it



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