Day 01/26 Scrum Notes

Catapult Team

  • Managed to drill the holes to attach the axis to the catapult arms
  • Raised the base to attach springs to
  • Attach springs and assemble it tomorrow and test
  • Parts are all created
  • Very small ( good)
  • Needs a holder (polycarbonate)


  • Finished frame, working on putting in the frames, put motor
  • Done within 2 days to start testing


  • Designed another kind of extension arm, created design for the winch
  • Maybe making second extension arm longer (winch)


  • Mounted gear for potentiometer
  • Creating the L shaped holder for the potentiometer to rest on
  • Start finding values and programming tomorrow


  •  Started cutting dove tails into the pieces
  • Messed some up but its fine
  • Have to make more
  • Need more lumber


  • Putting together a final draft, should be done by tomorrow


  • Crab chasis: working on the axles and getting them shorter
  • Need to put it together for brackets, holes are there, needs to be put together

Center part of Chasis

  • T6 sheet metal is coming along
  • Four wheel drive train will be done soon…

Chasis Front

  • Chasis Front put a lift on the center axle of tank drive
  • Take a run at the tank drive over the high defenses
  • Getting the roborio ready to use it
    • COlin has made a program to drive it
  • Once tank drive is done, would like to shoot video of the chasis driving
  • Attacking from different angles to see if there are advantages
  • Shoot Video to examine it

Mr Wells needs help in making a cardboard mock up to tract ground and overhead clearance

  • June

Anything Else

  • Mr. Battis and Jane started to work on the actual version of the ball catcher
    • Cut out sides for that, finishing tomorrow
    • Different from wooden prototype, bungees need to be adjusted
    • Challenge: Not deep enough for the ball

External Affairs

  • Team photo tomorrow after the school meeting
  • Borrow a tshirt if you need one
  • Meeting in lower center after school meeting so yearbook can take the photo

Woodie Flowers

  • Written for Mr. Roche
  • Very nice
  • Works well

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