Tuesday 3/3 Scrum Notes

  1. What did I do today?
  2. What will I do tomorrow?
  3. What’s standing in my way?

CAD + Litter (Niles, Thayer, Kate)

  • Today
    • Niles is teaching people about CAD
    • Harry / Thayer/ Kate/ Niles practiced throwing litter
      • Let’s find out the best human player
  • Planning
    • Compete for Best Human Player (Best Litter Thrower)

Second DriveTeam (David)

  • Today
    • Thayer + Jason: Second Driveteam
    • Kevin will show a light switch on who is controlling the robot
    • the second driver only has creep drive – cannot move fast, but can accurately position to get a tote

Second DriveTrain (Mr. Roche)

  • Today
    • Finished building – much smaller weight
  • Planning
    • Kevin will test the DriveTrain

Hooks (David)

  • Today
    • We have 22-2 = 20 metal bolts – FINISHED
    • Drill holes on polycarbonate to put the holes
  • Planning
    • The polycarbonate will be attached to the hook on the conveyor belt

Conveyor Belt (Scrummer)

  • Today
    • Move the Axis and alter the angle TONIGHT

Wheels (David)

  • Today
    • Used to make sure the sudden center of gravity change doesn’t make the robot tip over
    • Make sure it doesn’t interrupt with tote pickup



  1. Change the angle
  2. Replace the hooks
  3. Autonomous control & second driveteam


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