Friday 2/20 Scrum Notes

  1. What did I do today?
  2. What will I do tomorrow?
  3. What’s standing in my way?

Elevator (David)

  • Today
    • Right side thingy for dremel ==> band saw for the hooks
      • need 4mm column
    • 3rd dremel might be useful
    • Pho-elevator completely finished
      • two pieces: metal + wood
        • need to be combined
        • arms are being attached
  • Planning
    • Keep on working

Drive Train (Scrummer)

  • Today
    • Interior side walls
    • waiting on missing gearbox parts coming soon (monday?)
  • Planning
    • Keep on working?

Four Link Arms (Mr. Battis)

  • Today
    • Need to duplicate flipping fingers
      • square tube + polycarb mitten teeth
    • Kate is reaming out some hubs so the arms can be attached + moved
  • Planning
    • Someone please take on this project!

Media – Pit (Cynthia and da crew)

  • Today
    • Ms. Brown getting PVC tomorrow ==> start building
      • request: FIRST logo?
        • solution: paint from Ms. Putnam
    • Banner ready
      • Ms. Lev will get it real soon + done before 1st competition
  • Planning
    • making the actual thing

Role (Jane)

  • Today
    • Google spread sheet (doc email link) sent surveying about the roles that people want to take for competition
    • written description of leaders, responsibilities (works that they are doing), etc.
    • finding out preferences
    • few of the jobs is already assigned
    • due by this weekend, if not, they will be assigned to a random work
  • Planning
    • After this weekend, the jobs will be assigned based on the preferences.

Competition – Next Friday(Team 3566)

  • Planning
    • Figure out your test, project, etc. with your teachers for classes
    • Pack up after plum on Friday
      • figure out what (especially the tools) we need and ready to pack up quickly
    • Get your work done for missing classes

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