Thursday 2/19 Scrum Notes

  1. What did I do today?
  2. What will I do tomorrow?
  3. What’s standing in my way?

Second Robot Drive Train (Niles, Gillian, Hel)

  • Today
    • Almost ready to put on the robot
      • interior parts have holes in them (need to finish)
    • Mech wheels gearboxes missing 1/2in- bearings
      • need to order more/ask Mr. Wells
  • Planning
    • Need other parts
    • and then assemble

Second Four-Links (Donald, Jane, Mr. Wells)

  • Today
    • Drilling holes for gear box – Stack em’
    • Working on calculations
      • 4″ in-ish wheels instead
        • Cut groove for cable on rubber wheels on lathe (WOOHOO)
      • Different pinning pt for cable
    • Catapult springs replaced w surgical
  • Planning
    • Calculation


Second Belt (David)

  • Today
    • Frame finished
    • trying to make more Polycarb hooks w/ acrylic hook template (need to find Dremel)
  • Planning
    • Rollers?

Pit (Kate, Harry, Thayer, Sarah)

  • Today
    • 3 panels of 3×9 hinged together
    • PVC pipes as structure
    • wood board inside
    • Sarah making banner (tomorrow)
    • Collage for side wall (tomorrow)
  • Planning
    • Start packing stuff for competition

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