Wednesday 2/18 Scrum Notes

  1. What did I do today?
  2. What will I do tomorrow?
  3. What’s standing in my way?

Our Main Robot (Mr. Wells, Mr. Battis)

  • Today
    • Complete robot is in the bag
    • 4 problems
      • the flipping mechanism’s current design requires too much force
      • hence, gears in the gearbox is destroyed
      • E1 elevator switch is not reliably being triggered
      • weight
    • ordered aluminum sprockets and weld them together
      • sprockets will be here Tuesday
  • Planning
    • Needs to be weighted
    • Change # of teeths on the sprocket (Hopefully without changing where the bolt goes in)
    • Add 3566 logo on back and front
    • Create a second conveyor belt
      • let’s keep the belt clean
    • OnlineMetals is out of polycarbonate until Feb 20th
    • 7-Hour left: use it in two sessions
      • carefully planning required BEFORE we open the bag

Second Fourlink (Mr. Battis)

  • Today
    • top and bottom arms constructed
      • put it on the frame to have both 1. driving practice with elevator and 2. fourlink experiment
  • Planning
    • make a frame to mount the axles on

Award (Cynthia, Niles)

  • Today
    • Chairman’s Award is DONE (will be submitted in 20 min)
  • Planning
    • apply for the Engineering and Design Award

Second Robot (Niles)

  • Today
    • Marked the chassis to drill holes on and to cut
    • Missing spacers and bearings for the 671 Gearbox (the new gearboxes)
  • Planning
    • apply for the Engineering and Design Award


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