Saturday 1/10 Scrum Notes

  1. What did I do today?
  2. What will I do tomorrow?
  3. What’s standing in my way?

IMPORTANT: The frog tongue is on the FRONT of the bot, the ramp loads totes down the ramp from the BACK.

Lockpick (Wu)

  • Today
    • CADing/Building a prototype
    • Two sides — both short and long sides (long side has a lot sticking out — using four semi circles)
  • Planning
    • Will cut on the laster cutter

Frog Tongue (Baek, Kuperstein)

  • Today
    • Constructed… just needs springs to pull it together
    • Rotational speed of the wheels is not high enough
      • Tried taking the gearbox off of the gear motors…
      • …mounting the naked shaft looks like a hassle…
      • …and the Denso throttle motors spin the same speed (really fast — 5300 rpm) and we can have as many as we want (also for the conveyor belt).
      • Can we slow them down in software, perhaps?
  • Planning
    • Need springs (David will check with Ryan to get it on the shopping list)

Conveyor (Qian)

  • Today
    • Thinking of 12 little wheels (each on its own motor — will look into running them off of one or two controllers… 1amp per motor)
    • Working on laser cutting the wheels
  • Planning
    • Fix the gear teeth in the CAD file

Drivetrain (Stanton)

  • Today
    • All of the drivetrain files are converted
    • By the time Niles leaves, the whole drive train will be assembled
    • Mr. Wells asks for the front bumper to be left off the assembly, since we’ll need to pull totes in through that space
  • Planning
    • Niles will commit his changes to GitHub

Space Claims (Yue)

  • Today
    • Made CArDboard scale models of mailbox, totes, robot
    • Actual robot will be on 8″ wheels (the current mockup chassi is jacked up to approximate this)
    • Working on ramp from the tote mailslot
      • Ramp runs down into the robot directly from the mailslot
      • Ideally this leads into the stacker and gets loaded into the magazine
      • Ramp is exactly the length of the robot
      • 4th totes in the stack isn’t even close to 6 feet, we can probably hold at least 5 totes
    • The rest of the robot has to fit around the stack… which takes up a huge portion of the center of the bot
  • Planning
    • BulletedListOfPlans

Mock Up (Stanton)

  • Today
    • Played with a hook to get totes off the step… it works mad well. We should totally build it.

DESIGN PROBLEM: Niles notes that we can load two totes into the bot at a time from the mailslot (drop one, then another on top, then we pick them up two at a time while another two are being dropped out of the mail slot).

  • So… we’ve been focused on a 3-tote stacker for autonomous, could we score more if we changed over to grabbing two totes out of the mail slot (since we can get them faster than any other totes)?
  • We would need to have bumpers on the back of the bot to align the first (and second totes) so that they land on top of each other.

Next steps: Let’s see if we can puzzle out a bot that can do a 3-tote autonomous stack AND align a 2-tote drop out of the mailslot.

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