Monday 1/12 Scrum Notes

  1. What did I do today?
  2. What will I do tomorrow?
  3. What’s standing in my way?

Pickup System (Kevin et al)

  • Today
    • Pickup system
      • Series of hooks/keys  attached to a belt (two belts)
      • Elevator that picks up (each hook gets a tote)
  • Planning
    • FIRST THING: talk with the containers for space claims issue
    • Start building the hook

Containers (Niles et al.)

  • Today
    • 1. Hook on a stick
      • (+) Simple, easy to repair, not much space needed
      • (-) needs driver skill
    • 2. Hook lift
      • Lift and flip it onto a stack of totes
      • Comes out with everything else
      • (+) easier for the driver
      • (-) more actions
    • Ran through a scenario of autonomous (getting two barrels & three totes)
      • One gets hooked and slammed down, one gets stayed on the hook
  • Planning
    • Check in with Pickup group
    • Start building

Pulling in Totes (Mr. Roche et al)

  • Today
    • Frog Tongue ready
    • Designed to have a backstop – it has to go away
    • Remove front end to lower the front
    • The Mecanum wheel has motors on front, so tote has to
    • Roller skaters wheels are good (easy to use, works well)
      • trying to see if it can push up tote
        • the frog tongue has to make the tote go up
        • change the frog tongue (like cotton candy of last robot) to add the vertical velocity
  • Planning
    • Start building


*The Scoring technique is an effective technique to assess each mechanism’s advantages and disadvantages.



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