Thursday 1/8 Scrum Notes

  1. What did I do today?
  2. What will I do tomorrow?
  3. What’s standing in my way?

Field Element (Mr. Wells et al.)

  • Today
    • Scoring Platform – Glue drying
    • Step – done
    • Chute – All pieces cut, needs to be assembled
  • Planning
    • Assemble the Chute

Programming (Kevin, Mr. Roche, Ryan)

  • Today
    • WPI Lib library – trying to work with it
    • Trying to get Controller (Logitech Joystick)
    • D-Link + New Voltage Regulator working
  • Planning
    • Talon not working?

Frog Tongue (Jane, Thayer)

  • Today
    • Square pipes drilled in and ready to bolt
    • Made the motor mount (needs to be bent)
  • Planning
    • Trying to drill the wheel hub
    • Need M4 screws to mount motors
    • Need 1/4 inch by 3 long bolts (have none) – Talk with Mr. Roche or Mr. Wells

New Design (Mr. Wells)

  • Today
    • Mr. Well’s Idea
      • Feeding – One end: Post office has 39 degree ramp, so make a robot with same-angle stacker
        • Stacker: interlock to treat is as one solid object
      • Autonomous: various things to do – grabbing everything during autonomous would be great!
      • One end: grab three Yellow totes and stack them
      • Other end 1: grab tote during autonomous and put it in stack
      • Other end 2: grab trash barrel (magazine of three hooks to grab three trash barrels – 80 degrees)
        • Can put the first trash barrel put on the stack
      • Three rotational axis
      • 1. one pair of (modified) low frog tongue at tote level – Mr. Wells
      • 2. conveyor belt + roller under
      • 3. hook
    • Questions
      • How to support stacks?: build frame
  • Planning
    • Improving the idea!
    • Build it in cardboard -OR- Use CAD or Google Sketchup
      • Need cardboard to build model

CAD Files (Niles)

  • Today
    • Got KOP (STEP Format) downloaded
    • Converting them to CAD File
  • Planning
    • Continue converting them

*Let’s be PROACTIVE!
**Mecanum wheels coming in soon!
***Building stuff by next week!
****Monday is Picture Day!! (Wear awesome!)

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