Tuesday 1/6 Scrum Notes

  1. What did I do today?
  2. What will I do tomorrow?
  3. What’s standing in my way?

Strategy (Everyone)

  • Today
    • Google Doc for Brainstorming Ideas shared with the team
    • Approximate order of Build: Drive Train -> Basic Pickup -> Advanced Pickup -> Stacking Mechanism -> Special Autonomous -> Recycle Bin Picker

Management (Cynthia et al)

  • Today
    • Dean’s List Voting done
  • Planning

T-shirt Design (Cynthia et al)

  • Today
    • Finished, Double check your size
    • (T-shirts are free)
  • Planning
    • Talk about jackets with Mrs. Umiker

Field Elements  (Jane, Sarah Choi, Thayer, Donald, Mr. Wells, et al.)

  • Today
    • Step, Scoring Platform, Chute
    • Designs complete, Shopping list
  • Planning
    • Need people to unload the timber/wood

RoboRIO Setup (Kevin, Ryan et al.)

  • Today
    • FRC 2015 Update Suite installed
    • JRE installed
    • Ready to write basic program to test
  • Planning
    • Load other computers/laptops
    • Start writing some basic program

Hook (Kate, Korn)

  • Today
    • Working on hook to find the corner of the box (and lift it)
  • Planning

*Aluminum, Wood, Thick Polycarbonate, 1/4 inch Acrylic, Mecanum Wheels, Totes


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