Monday 1/5 Scrum Notes

What did I do today?

  1. What will I do tomorrow?
  2. What’s standing in my way?

T-shirt Design (Cynthia, Sammy, Sarah Kim)

  • Today
    • Design finished by Sarah Kim
  • Planning
    • Include the FIRST Logo on the t-shirt
    • Make one more t-shirt and send it to FIRST


Strategy (Everyone else)

  • Today
    • Many wonderful ideas (Diagrams included at the end of this post)
  • Planning
    • Think of ways to evaluate ideas
    • Test the TOP 3 ideas
    • Create Ideas + Variations Chart on GoogleDoc or Canvas Discussion (with pictures)
      • Make dummy bots and try them in real life to see how they would work
      • Start CADing to see space claims
    • Build step + tote-feeder for testing

**People expected to attend on weekends! (and during Mid-winter break & MLK Day)
**GOAL: Mechanism finished by 3 weeks

Images for Reference


IMG_3915 IMG_3914 IMG_3913 IMG_3912


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