Friday 12/5 Scrum Notes

  1. What did I do today?
  2. What will I do tomorrow?
  3. What’s standing in my way?

Napoleon Chassis

  • Today
    • Battery holder
    • Setting up electronics
  • Planning
    • Wire it up

Rollin’ Rhino Chassis

  • Today
    • Almost done battery holder
    • Plugged in RoboRIO… le sigh.
  • Planning
    • Swap in cRIO instead

External Affairs

  • Today
    • Open House DECEMBER 12 (for reals, this time)
    • David Baek is working on a new motto
  • Planning
    • Rolling Rhino and Napoleon ready to drive
    • Returners prep Maverick


  • Today
    • Jane working on list of safety tips now, ready tomorrow
    • Post-scrum clean-up teams — sign out on board


  • Today
    • We think we may need to wait for the Kit of Parts (or at least the Saturday Session at WPI) to actually communicate with the RoboRIO (software seems only to be released to beta teams)
    • We will probably be programming in Eclipse this year
    • Last year’s code should recompile onto the RoboRIO with minor edits
    • RobotBuilder will continue to work

For next week

  • Have robot(s) ready for Open House on Friday (driveable!)
  • Planning for a Tuesday “How to Program Your Robot” session
  • Start work on bumpers before we leave
  • Keep poking at RoboRIO

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