Monday 12/8 Scrum Notes


What did I do today?

  1. What will I do tomorrow?
  2. What’s standing in my way?

Rollin’ Rhino (Stanton)

  • Today
    • Removed RoboRIO (sad)
    • Installed cRIO and connected
    • Installed digital sidecar
    • Finished battery holder/platform
  • Planning
    • Still need to set up plugs (just finding the right parts)

Napoleon (Wu)

  • Today
    • Connecting power cables
  • Planning
    • “Just” digital wiring of the Talons etc.

Bolt-sorting (Liu)

  • Planning
    • If you take something out… please, please, please return it to where it goes!
    • Help if you can!

Pre-Break Open House (ab)

  • Planning
    • 6-7:30
    • We’ll have food
    • They’ll want to see YOU (and your finished product… driving around)

Post-Break Strategy Session (ab)

  • Planning
    • The game will be revealed on Saturday 1/3 at the kick off (we’ll get the “Kit of Parts” then, too)
    • We’ll meet at Choate on Sunday 1/4 (see calendar, 3pm, we think)… stay until we’re done! (But not spending the night.)
    • We’ll follow up with more planning in the subsequent week (lots and lots of design work, before we start cuttin’ stuff)

Safety (Watts)

  • Today
    • Posted safety tips by each power tool (thanks to Sammy for som Sunday help on that!)
  • Planning
    • Give the tips a look… heck, follow them, even!

Laser Cutter & CAD (Battis)

  • Today
    • Worked the kinks out of the Inventor-to-Laser Cutter workflow
    • Started in a template for laser cutting
  • Planning
    • Look forward to an invitation from A360 team in the next few days, once Mr. B figures out what the deal is

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