Day 02/12 Scrum Notes


  • Adding in the functions to allow the game to be played with 2 players
  • Created ball picker upper function
  • Have 2 new potentiometers to test out later on


  • Finishing touches
  • Done by tomorrow


  • Welding the two pieces in front so they don’t stick out
  • Anyone wants to work after dinner, you can help Mr. Wells afterwards
  • Most the things that need to be done are done

End Game

  • Need another piece of thicker flat sheet of aluminum to make another bracket
  • Needs to be welded

Practice Tomorrow: 1 – 5, Monday Night 7-9, Sunday Anytime

READ 5.5.10 in the game manual, shows when the obstacles get picked

  • Little as 7 minutes to tether the robot and tell it what to do for autonomous
  • Field officials want to know the picks quickly, have to discuss a plan and tell the field marshals, two matches AHEAD
  • Have to do a lot of planning, need lots of people working together


  • Laid out all the pieces, did drawings
  • Decided that we need to bend the flat stock
  • Should be ready to assemble after practice

Chin bar

  • Have a design

Second Robot

  • Finished wheels, motors, gear boxes
  • Need to weld a frame

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