Day 01/25 Scrum Notes

Catapult Design

  • Started making it out of aluminum
  • Cut out pieces of long square pieces of aluminum to support it to keep a certain distance for the ball
  • Mr. Roche helped drill in two bearings to act like an axis
  • Catapult version 2.0
    • Fits better on the robot
  • Flywheel
  • Make a decision: Have to let it be tested out on both sides
  • Test Prototypes before making a final decision

Defense Painting

  • Everything is done
  • Sweatshirt: Got some designs, in the process

Defense Building (Port Culis)

  • Done
  • Lowbar: done


  • Started doing brackets that go on the outside of the gear boxes
  • Punching holes for the kingpins
    • Should be good by tomorrow
  • Plywood Bumpers: Done by tomorrow
  • Brackets: Should be done by mid practice tomorrow, punch holes and drill
  • Then can start putting it together


  • Made a sweeping function
  • Adding a potentiometer


  • Took apart the frame
  • Making the flywheel smaller and more compact
  • Offsetting it on the gimbal to fold it down into the robot


  • Need to know the catapult design first
  • Work on mechanics of it
  • Needs material or an idea of it
  • Start thinking about adding an onboard compass

Anything Else

  • Pick up tools and clean your area before you leave
  • Tomorrow: Lots of people start working on the drive train (Get it done)  to start testing and everything
  • Get dimensions for bungee picker upper to start programming
  • Someone can start working on the drive train right away
  • Mixing up a worm motor and gear motor (on the conveyer belt on last years robot)
    • Activate together, can’t be back driven and is very strong
    • Might also want that for the wench
  • Drive Train
    • Order more 50 – 52 alloy aluminum (Put order in tonight)

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