Day 01/22 Scrum Notes

Defense Building

  • Drawbridge is finished
    • all thats left is port culis and low bar
  • Low bar: Need to rebuild the wood base
  • Port Culis: Need to be put together, all different parts are done
    • finished by tomorrow


  • 3 different catapult plans
  • One using a bungee cord that can be forced back, very compact
  • Flywheel shooter with spinning wheels, got a prototype
    • Should be tested out tomorrow

Picker Upper

  • Will only run with one motor
  • Has wooden box with bungee cords in it
  • Bungee cords in and is testing
  • Works if it is directly oriented in the center, need to figure out how to get it into the center or work with different orientations
  • Trying to put different things on the bungee cords, currently 2 pieces of EMT
  • Trying to lower the friction

Scissorjack / new design team

  • Scissor jack is abandoned
  • Finished a tape measure prototype and also have a retractable arm prototype
  • Testing it out today (tape measure) looks promising

Painting Team

  • 5 done, gonna start drawbridge tomorrow
  • need to wait for defense people to finish the stuff

Saturday Program:

  • Will see
  • Get a buddy system so they can also learn some skills
    • Figure it out tomorrow
  • Painting needs help
  • People help clean tables (Don’t know what to do, will be boring)
  • Thayer will help clean in the morning
  • Someone can work with jane to help test, show people how to cut things
  • Port culis- Zheyin does not need help
  • Catapult Crew: got a Jovin, don’t need another person for help currently, maybe later
  • Freddie: Will be testing tomorrow, one person can go there
  • FlyWheel: Done by MONDAY
    • Test stuff


  • Need to fix network tables

Drive Train:

  • Discovered the hex thing won’t fix with current bolts, needed to buy new bolts
  • Got new bolts, and will probably mount the hubs tonight
  • Bolts that were on did not fit with hub
  • Undo gearbox, take out axle
  • Figured out how to get the axle centered in the wheel
  • Making holes, cutting, going to be tapping the bars that will become the axle
    • About half have holes, hopefully be finished by tomorrow

What else:

  • Fill out the form Mrs. Brown sent

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