Day 01/21 Scrum Notes

Business Plan

  • Business plan is finished
  • Started writing an essay about the woodie flower award
  • Video is getting started (Chairmans)
  • Video for sponsor is getting started

Defense Building

  • Started working on the low bar, cutting out the platform
  • Drawbridge: Just needs surgical tubing on the side to finish it, Will be Done tomorrow
  • Port Culls: Need to glue
  • Latest Saturday
  • Climbing Wall:
  • Painting: Going well, needs to be painted a day before. 3 completely done, 1 half done, have to paint 2 more

Catapult Design

  • Currently making 2 different forms of loading
    • One is spring based, arm is dropped down and spring is pushed into place
    • Second: Motors to drop down into the arm (Wheels)
  • Making a passive  ball picker, trying to make a box with surgical hose netting to see if it can pick up balls
  • Talking about other types of shooters:
    • Spinning wheels (Want to see a prototype)
  • Get something made quickly

Picker Upper

  • Heavy
  • Not part of catapult
  • Two step process to drop into the catapult (big advantage)

Programming Team

  • Cameras will work with GRIP processing system
  • Need to get a program to work with it
  • Network table will get values from GRIP
  • Can connect to catapult now

Scissor Jack

  • New system for that using rollers
  • Should meet height requirements
  • Used to be for the pull up, do the final pull up
  • Also assist in move the picker upper, not sure if can be done
  • Open sally gate if needed to
  • Not sure about ultimate utility for now
  • If it’s only for the end thing, then it needs to be changed, needs to be much smaller
  • Might not be necessary
  • Huge space problems
  • Make it out of one eight inch flat stock
  • Primary problem: How to get a hook over the bar
  • Scissor jack may not be needed or will be, depends on the number of functions it has
  • Finish it Tomorrow

Drive Train

  • Tires pumped
  • Need to attach gearboxes to the tires
  • Should attach to the chasis tomorrow


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