Scrum Notes 1/18/16

Team Field Elements: (⅝ finished)

    1. Rough terrain: On sat we finished rough terrain (put screws in the bottom up) ⇒ DONE
    2. Sally Port: Put an angle brace ⇒ Needs surgical hose on it to make it shut
    3. Port Cullis: Bought material today
    4. Rock Wall: DONE
    5. Ramparts: made parts, need to installed on platform
    6. Moat: DONE
    7. Cheval de Frise: DONE
    8. Drawbridge: Bought material
    9. Low bar: Need to get materials? Do we need materials?


  • Climbing Wall: Bought materials, needs painting


EVERYTHING NEEDS PAINTING (please use a tarp/set up painting area indoors ⇒ talk to Mr. Wells)


Team Scissor Jack:

  1. Today: Assembled parts
  2. Tomorrow: Needs collar, bearing, and nut on one side. Finish assembling the prototype, and TEST


Team Lathe:

  1. Today: Making axles for 1st drive train, cut all, drilled holes in some, and tapped some (w/ Mr. Klem & Mr. Wells)
  2. Tomorrow: finish drilling & tapping, will become the steerable front & rear axles (someone talk to Mr. Wells!!)


Team Catapult

    1. Today: adjusted the tension of surgical hose, cut in half to fit into robot, testing how it shoots (base height: 11 in, point of release: 15 in, hit the ceiling of basement). worked with Mr. Truman
    2. Tomorrow: try to design a better catch-mitt/cradle area so that the ball flies in a nicer arc (we want to figure out how to get a 30˚ arc)


  • Fiberglass application? Hook on the catapult too?



Team Programming:

    1. Today: mount for the camera is FINISHED. Have a gimble
    2. Tomorrow: need to program vision stuff. trying to recognize target & use algorithm to hit target better. Lights!


  • Need to coordinate with catapult team



List of motors on outer IDEA Paint wall

14 motors in theory for current design

need to figure out a way to combine mechanisms


****We want someone ball-catcher/dozer blade****

(keep goals in mind)

Ed’s design for spinning ball gathering device (talk to Mr. Wells)



By the end of next weekend, WORKING DRIVETRAIN

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