Day 01/16 Scrum Notes


  • Moat
  • Sally port
  • Rock wall
  • Chevil de frise
  • Rough Road

In Progress

  • Rampart

Need to start:

  • Port Culis
  • Low bar
  • Drawbridge


  • Got all cameras working on two robots
  • Attached lights on the robot
  • Downloaded all the programs needed to run the camera system
  • Learnt how to use the filters to only see the reflective tape

Need to do:

  • Create a thing that the camer and light can rotate on so we can start programming the camera to aim and look for targets
  • Create a program so the the camera is trained to look for reflective tape


  • Made a catapult prototype to use
  • Shooter will most likely be able to rotate to follow the camera allowing the robot to shoot from several places
  • Will need to create something to pick up balls, shooter will reset to normal and the ball will be loaded in and then fired
  • Tires can be filled with sand to lower the center of gravity to keep it more stable
  • Prototype catapult works but very large so may not fit under the low bar
  • Chasis dimension 24.5 by 35.5
  • 10″ tires
  • Catapult should be able to be lowered into the robot to clear the low bar
  • Bumper will be as high as possible

To do:

  • Short on lumber
  • Start 2 defenses
  • Get a list of parts needed
    • Get diameter of the low pipe

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