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Scrumming today: Wells, Roche, Battis, Eacho, Baum

  • Lathe (Wells)
    • Have milling attachment on and working!


  • Practice Arena (Donald, Battis)
      • Low goal and one vision target are set up in the new bookstore, and the truss and zone boundaries are measured and marked with electrical tape.
    • The high elements are in the atrium, waiting on a shopping run by Mrs. Brown to get the last few pieces to finish the high goal.
    • Mr. Battis has been chatting with the athletics department and custodial services about getting us some time in the gyms to practice with high elements, driving, etc. Stay tuned.


  • CAD (Niles, Joey)
    • KOP committed to the GitHub repo (beware of your next sync!)
    • Robot is being modeled, with an eye to space allocation


  • Drive Station (Battis)
    • Second laptop has arrived and needs to be configured
    • We need to start work on a (solid) drive station that includes the laptop and joysticks.


  • Drive Strategy (Eacho)
    • Had some conversation with Coach Young
    • Have to be able to catch to stand out (possibly better to catch every time and only be able to shoot 1-point than to catch every other time and 1-point it)
    • Weighing the pros and cons of 1 vs. 10-point goals
    • Need to do some timing for various operations (catch, throw, shoot)


  • Bumpers (Baum)
    • Cutting the lexan spacers for the bumpers (almost all done — will be done by the end of the day)
    • Next step is to drill and then fold


  • El Toro (Eacho)
    • “Horn guards” (a.k.a. arm supports) are cut, drilled, etc… next step is assembly
      • need to work out connection on motor end — should use the motor mount screws NOT shaft!
    • Working on the axel/pivot, have roughed out the pivot design — looking good (ETA by Friday)
      • need a bracket for the CIM mounts so that they can swivel
    • Thought process right now: let’s get El Toro mounted and toro’ing, so that we can think about how to pivot it up and down
    • Working on making key ways (have to make the tool we need to do it… Wells is on it)
    • Need to commit on a toro length
    • Have 2 batches of PVC with different inner diameters — keep yellow and white separate (and paired)
    • Window motor disc with a pitman arm (pusher) to push the El Toro pivot


  • Punch list for Thursday
    • Arm supports (Horn Guards) for the rollers – Eacho/Wu
    • Passive CIM mounts – Roche
    • Pitman Arm – Alipour
    • Keyshaft adapter – Wells
    • CAD for space claims – Battis, Lyons, Stanton
    • Detailed breakdown for catapult
    • Practice Arena – Donald
    • Toss the robot on the package scale to get a sense of weight
    • Set up new driver station


  • Shopping List
    • 12x 8-32 x 1.25″ for “horn guards”
    • Current awaiting the arrival of…
      • Gearmotor and mounting brackets
      • Hubs, window motor mounts and hex shafts
      • Absolute shaft encoder



These will happen no matter what

  1. Drive
  2. Herd
  3. Score >= 6 pts
  4. Bumpers
  • Do this first week, while prototypers prototype
  • Documentation


Prioritize, try to get to as many as possible

  1. Maneuverable (drive train and practice)
  • Mecanum wheels
  • Hold (hardware) a. with potential to shoot if that system comes online b. Loading (hardware) — might not even need this
  • Shoot 8’ (hardware)
  • Some aiming (software)
  • Second robot for driving practice/thinkin’

If Time Permits

Reach goals

  1. Catch
  2. Differential power settings
  3. Vision system
  4. Modular goalie arm (sub 30 lb, replace shooter at competition)


  • Clean up after yourself
  • Help teammates clean up after themselves
  • We don’t leave until we scrum… we don’t scrum until the shop is clear
  • Half-finished projects go on shelves, not the floor
  • Scrap is only useful if it’s stock, stock is only useful if it’s organized

Robot Deadlines

Jan. 11: Drivetrain

Jan. 15: Mock Thrower

Jan. 22: El Toro/Vomiter

Jan. 25: Manual Catapult

Jan. 29: Gearbox

Feb. 1: Catapult Complete

Feb. 8: Finish Mechanicals

Side Projects

Things we can do before we have a design finalized…

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