Scrum Teams • Week 1

Next scrum: 3:30pm, Friday 11/22

Questions you need to be able to answer at that scrum:

  1. What did our team do yesterday?
  2. What is our team going to do today?
  3. What impediments stand in our way?
What could this team be working on right now? 11/19 11/20 11/21 11/22 (Plans) Impediments?

Design: CAD

  • Alex Padron
  • Ryan Lee
  • Niles Stanton
  • Joey Lyons
  • Will Baum
  • Identify sources for KOP (kit of parts) CAD files and list in our documentation.
  • Brainstorm key questions re: CAD for trainers after Thanksgiving… and update in our documentation.
  •  Found KOP direct link for CAD files
  • Experimented with Inventor
  •  Will update team wiki
  • take a break
  • Lack of CAD experience — will get training Dec. 9!


  • Julie Geng
  • Luya Wang
  • Kevin Wu
  • Jane Cho Watts
  • EVERYBODY sign uo for a GitHub account and share your username with Mr. Battis
  • Fork last year’s code into a master trunk for this year on GitHub
  • Develop instructions/rules for how to access/use GitHub in our documentation, including signing up for GitHub and joining our “organization”.
  • Develop instructions/rules for how to use RobotBuilder in our documentation.
  • Develop a guided tour of last year’s code for all new team members (and any returning team members — or mentors — who might feel curious).
  • Develop a base template of code for new programmers to the mule to experiment with (a new fork of our basic code for the year).
  •  Set up the workstations (3 on the wall).
  • Downloaded latest FRC plugins for NetBeans
  • Updated image
  • Updating software
  • Updated wiki
  • Downgrade NetBeans work WPI software
  • Build software for this year’s mule
  • Still working on updates




  • Downgrade to last year’s version
  • Start Mule software
  • Admin access
  • Circuit breaker

Wiring & Sensors

  • Luya Wang
  • Joey Lyons
  • Sabin Kim
  • Will Baum
  • Cynthia Yang
  • Kevin Wu
  • Work with Mr. Roche on organizing the electronics area.
  • Work with Mr. Roche to identify “high priority” sensors to figure out.
    • Google (or Bing, we’re not prejudiced) the part number for documentation.
    • Figure out how to wire the sensor (including figuring out how to figure out if it’s working).
    • Document “good” wiring with photos (and written explanation).
    • Write a sample cRIO program to demonstrate how to use the sensor. With documentation! Talk to the software team about how to “commit” this example code to our GitHub repository.
  • Pick Kevin Wu’s brain on the camera. Write it all down. Then develop an incremental plan of attack for how to get code working with it. (Talk to Mr. Roche or Mr. Battis about this.)
  •  No one

Build: Mules

  • Donald Liu
  • David Eacho
  • Think happy thoughts about FedEx delivering parts quickly (they shipped on Monday afternoon).
  • Work with Mr. Wells to find homes for all of the robot parts extant.
  • If we have sufficient parts right now, start constructing another mule.
  • Installed battery mount (and then removed it)
  • Ran into chain issues (spacing on upper mount on gearbox)
  • Futzed with spacers
  • Fixing chain (need it to be precise)
  • Check Faculty Room for KOP addressed to Mr. Battis
  • Changing to traction wheels, two-wheel drive with omnis
  • Collect parts for mules from my office
  • All in on mule building
  •  Add gearboxes
  • If time permits, spacers for wheels


  • attach gearboxes to motors
  • attach pulleys to gearboxes and wheels
  • attach all of above to chassis (wth belts and spacers)
  • bumper construction (wells)
  • Can’t file spacers accurately enough.
  • Evening chapel

PR: Outreach, Mentorships, Sponsorships

  • Ms. Brown
  •  Collect all potential outside mentor names and contact information from the faculty mentors (and potentiall brainstorm others) and build a comprehensive list in our documentation.
  • Coordinate communication with outside mentors with Ms. Brown and invite them to visit the lab after Thanksgiving.
  • Brainstorm potential fundraising opportunities (check with Ms. Brown re: rules and regs).
  • Make sure our team calendar is up-to-date.
  • Would like to present somewhere, sometime with the old robot?
  • Need student safety captain (educate team, point person for safety issues) — tell Ms. Brown who!
    Team Jobs need to start — volunteers… for now.
  •  Daisies can’t happen if CAD does happen


  • Niles Stanton
  • Kevin Wu
  • Donald Liu
  • Develop an outline for all the things that we wish we had documented last year!
  • Construct a for-reals safety manual (expand, improve on what’s already posted here).
  • Post a Robotics Lab map that documents what goes where (broadly speaking). Big signs over work areas wouldn’t hurt either.


Currently Unassigned

You can edit this page. Go ahead and assign yourself where you’re needed (everything needs to be done)!

  • Wendy Hirata
  • Varun Shankar

Other Projects

if you have other things in mind that the team should be working on, please add them here!

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