Lessons Learned

Returning team members say…

What does it take to be on the team?

  • It takes an ability to be flexible and “do what is necessary” to be one team.
  • Commitment
  • More people need to put in the time investment, the bot needs more man-hours.
  • A lot of time commitment.
  • Collaboration is the MOST important thing. Frequent update of progress and information would be helpful for the team. Introducing new methods to new teammates is essential.
  • Patience, dedication, communication.
  • Communication.

What did we learn (or wish we had learned) last season?

  • We need to learn to help each other more.
  • Set goals.
  • Be organized.
  • Better division of labor. (x2)
  • Harsher rules/check-ins.
  • Give out homework.
  • More leadership.
  • More mentors.
  • Organization between different work environments.

And new team members say…

Why robotics?

  • I felt like I could have done more in the winter last year than [a sport].
  • I want to learn about programming and design (according to the principles of physics).
  • It seemed fun. I want to learn more about engineering.
  • Robotics seemed fun and interesting.
  • I’m excited about building, competing.
  • Robotics is a new experience for me. I think it will be helpful for me in the future. I am very excited about building robots.
  • I wanted to do this because I took a robotics course and loved it (and Mr. Roche is the best teacher of all time).

What do you want to do or learn this season?

  • To be a better group learner/worker.
  • Programming and design.
  • I want to become more familiar with coding and I’m open to learning everything in general.
  • I want to learn about robotics and programming.
  • I want to learn about how the robot works and making robots.
  • I want to learn more complicated programming,



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