Swerve Drive Build Day 1

On the first day of our swerve drive ACE, we learned about how to use the MethodX 3D printer and tested the materials ABS and nylon carbon fiber for the printing. We found the new MethodX to be so much easier to use than the previous one, as it provided clear instructions and could recognize the materials and extrusion heads within it automatically. We chose a gear exported from a WCP gearbox cad to print in ABS. We were not sure about the density but chose 100% to make sure that it was as sturdy as possible. The 3D printing process operated on our account was surprisingly straightforward, and we got our first 3D-printed part after about half an hour. It was fine aesthetically, and we decided to test it on the drivetrains we built in the 2022 season to see whether it works properly and how much it wears out. With assistance from Andria and Mr. Palmer, we tested it on the drivetrain, which worked quite well, except that there were already visible wears on the surrounding gears after a few minutes of driving.

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