Scrum Notes 1/14/16

Chassis Team:

  1. Broke down and old chassis
  2. Started working on a design for a drive train
  3. Front and rear steer 4 wheel drive chassis
  4. Have started making the mechinum gear boxes

Prototyping 1:

  1. Building full size scissor lift
  2. About half way done, have to make 14 bars per side
  3. Finish it by Monday

Prototyping 2:

  1. Made a lego model of the loading system
  2. Will work on sketch of model

Field Elements:

  1. Making of the sally port is almost done, just need to finish cutting and then assembling
  2. Cheval De frese has the central bar connected, the ramps are near done for that as well
  3. Drawbridge has all the pieces cut now we just need to assemble it


  1. Good! Computers are all up to date with software
  2. Some are working on vision tracking system
  3. Working on coding for steering system
  4. Will have kids work on shooting system


Bumper has to be 8″ from the corner of the robot

We have sort have figured the math of trajectory for the ball shooter

Band saw has broken

Team 601 Bombsquad 2012 has great example of shooter

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