Scrum Notes 1/13

Team Workshop

  1. Fixed the audio system
  2. Made the rock wall
  3. Put all the supports on the ramps
  4. field elements 1/9
    1. Another hour and the moat, cheval de friese should be done
      1. GOAL get 2 more done by end of day

Chairman Award

  1. Video is getting started
  2. Starting Essays


  1. All computers are being updated

Scissor Jack

  1. Starting to prototype
  2. scissor jack can get up to 13ft 4in if there is 6 inches between each bar of the scissor jack

To DO:

Someone need to start thinking about weight of robot

Stephen Chen please think of how much we are spending on the Robot ($400 limit per part)


STEM initiative is fronting the money for robotics this year

Score Calculator is ready!

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