Scrum Notes 1/11/16

Building Field Elements

  • Finished 4 of the 5, could not do last one not enough pieces
  • Need more wood

Working in the Workshop

  • Changing the lights
  • Just started, will finish tomorrow

Designing robots Group 1

  • Working on making something to climb the tower
  • Gets short so it fits the height requirement
  • Scissor Jack
  • Prototyped in legos

Designing Robots Group 2


  • Made a list of all the outerworks you can have
  • Requirements to solve them, on the whiteboard in the second lab
  • Started a spreadsheet that how each mechanism how many outerworks it would solve, a way to calculate efficiency
  • Called a Puw chart
  • Anyone who has a design please put it in the folder that Mr. Wells created
  • Crucial to put down all the designs and ideas that we all have


  • Finished drawing for t-shirts
  • Send out orders before Wednesday
  • Will be getting black hoodies, if 30-40 orders the price will be lowered down to $19
  • Please say if you want them

Designing Robot Group 3

  • Robot like a train system in Boston where it pivots in the center
  • 6 or 4 wheels
  • Second Idea for 6 wheel robot with scissor jack in the middle
  • Two ended robot
  • Advantage to having a thin robot, not too wide but long
  • If you are bored, please take videos, pictures especially this time

To do list

  • Make Mouse hole
  • Welding to make the chin bar to pull up the robot
  • Finish field elements by this week
  • Keep coming up with new designs
  • Take apart some of the chasis

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