Thursday 2/5 Scrum Notes

  1. What did I do today?
  2. What will I do tomorrow?
  3. What’s standing in my way?

Laser Cutter (Stanton)

  • Today
    • Fixed the laser cutter so things don’t spontaneously burst into flames
    • Cleaned the lens
    • Adjusted some laser power settings

Contact Switches (David)

  • Today
    • Working on cutting parts out of polycarbonate
    • Mounts at the bottom, in with the drive train
  • Planning
    • Want to be done tomorrow

Four-link (Jane & Korn)

  • Today
    • Worked on duplicating the original four-link
    • Have 3 of 4 sides set up
    • Ready for motor mounting
    • Mr. Wells & Mr. Cunningham got the motor mount plates set last night, plan to attach them tonight
  • Planning
    • Need to make the barrel-grabbing hand

Elevator (Donald)

  • Today
    • Have unbolted the conveyor belt
    • Drilling holes to lift the base up about an inch and a half — will be done today
    • Angle of belt may be adjusted

Wiring/Programming (Roche, Wu)

  • Today
    • Got limit switches to light LEDs will also signalling RoboRIO — not sure if we can pull more than one LED off the signal line without losing the signal
    • Planning for limit switches at each tote level
    • Thinking that the drivetrain will stay on the CAN bus (which is slow), but everything else will be under PWM control — and we should have enough ports

Media (Jane)

  • Today
    • Sammy is wearing a GoPro — gathering footage for the Dean’s List video
  • Planning
    • Please shoot video on your phones as well — in dire need of footage

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