Monday 1/19 Scrum Notes

  1. What did I do today?
  2. What will I do tomorrow?
  3. What’s standing in my way?

Elevator (Helynna, Jane)

  • Today
    • Building rollers for the elevator today
    • Shaved down the PVC pipe roller to taper the ends of the rollers
    • Have constructed two, have 2 more cut (need caps)
  • Planning
    • Need 6 more flange bearings (1/2″ shaft, 1 1/8″ OD)
    • Is it possible to tweak the elevator to grab upside-down totes off the ground?

Frog Tongue/Pick Up (Niles)

  • Today
    • May be obsolete: we just rammed a stack, didn’t knock it over _and_ we auto-aligned to the stack
    • Kevin notes that an exponential factor on the drive controls allows for better slow maneuverability, but you can just jam the stick to go fast!
  • Planning
    • BulletedListOfPlans

New Design (Jane)

  • Today
    • Looking at 2 belts, one to lift the totes on the front and one to lift the cans in the back
    • Cans get lifted over the top and “dunked” (Barkley-style) on to the top of the stack (and we can dunk on to a stack of any height by lifting it up to meet the barrel)
      • Some details to work out with catching the dunk and making it “controlled”
      • Eric Klem suggests that if we have long hooks to pick up the barrel, we should have them fold to wrap-around
    • Will be giving up the barrel set in autonomous? Knocking them over would be baaad.
      • Perhaps this is a re-orientation on autonomous — just take our tote and container during autonomous and rely on other teams to do their part
      • Might be able to spin 180° fast enough to get all three still?

Drive Train (Brown & Roche)

  • Today
    • Order new 6″ mecanums and gearboxes
    • Keep the mule as a mule

Sekret Art Project and other PR (Eun Soo & Sarah)

  • Today
    • Working on their final design (life size and awesome)
    • Jane describes it as groovy
    • Cynthia is working on a newspaper article… but could use some help writing essays.

Clean Up (Thayer & Kate)

  • Today
    • Spent “a good amount of time” cleaning up tables and bolts
    • Could we please make an effort to put things away…
    • A personal rule for each of us:
      • Pick up ten things and put them away as we enter and leave the shop.

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