Thursday 12/11 Scrum Notes

What did I do today?

  1. What will I do tomorrow?
  2. What’s standing in my way?

Maverick (Wu)

  • Today
    • Lower limit switch seems to be problematic — not triggering the disengage function
  • Planning
    • Keep working on making it ready for open house

Napoleon (Wu)

  • Today
    • “We are good”
    • Driving it around — looks like it’s working
    • “No, it IS working”

Rolling Rhino (Stanton)

  • Today
    • Wheels turn… not necessarily when we want them to
    • It’s working, but there seems to be a slight current feeding into the talons
    • Did manage to find _a position_ on the controller to stop the wheels (Mr. Battis and Mr. Wells started bickering)
  • Planning
    • Diagnose and fix the slight current problem

Open House (Yang)

  • Today
    • Cleaned up the tables… now need to find a spot for food somewhere (maybe the small table where the various scrap metal is dumped)
  • Planning
    • No ACE tomorrow… but we have the open house
    • Divide into three groups to demo Napoleon, Rolling Rhino, Maverick
    • Be engaging with adults (we need sponsors, mentors)
    • Be nice, everyone should be here!

Bolts (Donald)

  • Today
    • Mostly done
    • Want more suitcase cases
    • Most common bolts HAVE BEEN LABELED
  • Planning
    • Label, label, label!

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