Thursday 11/20 Scrum Notes

  1. What did I do today?
  2. What will I do tomorrow?
  3. What’s standing in my way?

Chassis: Napoleon

  • Today
    • Finished cutting
    • Assembled gearbox (finally no friction!0
  • Planning
    • Wheels and the so-called “churros”
    • Belts, too — if possible

Chassis: Rolling Rhino

  • Today
    • Gearboxes in and lubricated
    • Motors are ready as well
    • 10 of 16 churros have been threaded and attached (others still need to be threaded)
  • Planning
    • Build wheels
    • Finish churros
    • Put on belts

Public Relations (Cynthia)

  • Today
    • To generate publicity, it has been decided that we will host an open house at 6pm (ish) on Dec. 12
      • Invite local community leaders, mentors, board of education, local senator and reps (MA)
      • A way to give our team more of a name
      • Hoping to get a better understanding of what we’re doing (given input of visitors)
      • Cookies, eggnog and cider!
      • Mandatory fun for us all!
    • T-shirts and maybe jackets!
      • Everyone gets a T-shirt
      • Let Cynthia know if you want to order a jacket
    • Mr. Battis notes: send emails to DL-First-Robotics-Team in Google (or share Google Docs with DL-First-Robotics-Team).
    • Everyone needs to sign up in STIMS (see announcement from ab)
    • Awarded grant from Society of Women Engineers
      • We will have some diversity training coming up

Safety (Roche)

  • Today
    • Bunch of folks doing their saw tests
    • Come do it soon!
    • Talk to Kate and Sarah about threading and tapping!

IT (Battis)

  • Today
    • AutoDesk Inventor and Maya will be on all computers shortly
    • Check the Team Manual if you want to install software on your own computers

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