Scrum Notes > Tuesday,  January 7


Bumper Team (niles)

  • Nothing doing with bumpers. Team has been waiting to get the sewing machine
  • Katrina is doing bumpers
  • Ordering Cloth (Cloth got ordered)
  • Waiting until (Monday) get start on bumpers
  • Make Design decisions 8″  (Square, 1 piece or  2 brackets)


Electrionics  (David B, Niles Mr. Roche)

  • We got better dimensions for board, so we did a re-do
  • Board 1 is 50% done
  • Board 2 is 40% done
  • Working on both together in small groups is good.  Trying to get one done by next session.


Mechanics Frame (David E)

  • Finished as much of the frame as can do
  • Waiting for Mechanum Wheels —  Not Happening……
  • (could do other things like prototype and research)


Shooting  (Alex)

  • Prototype spring shooting thing
  • Need to pull back with one bungie to an ungodly length
  • Kx^2
  • Fist thing puncher (kicker can get plenty good distance
  • More time
  • next steps — set up target in atrium
  • Padron wants more people on prototyping
  • Ideas to research (cheif delphi)  — FRC Archives 2008 Game



  • Kevin —  Make a primitive code for mechan  Need some code review diesire is to have others involved.



  • Mr. Wells
  • KOP shelved on the new shelves  Says KOP
  • Lowerelectronics
  • Have tools in boxes need a place
  • Someone should take out the track (get regular maintenance)


Shopping Needs

  • More bolts need 1/16 inch bolts in 1 1/2 size for mounting talons etc.


To Do List

  • Build Goal/Field Components
  • More Prototype Reasearch
  • More Prototype Work on Picking Ball, Possession and Passing
    • What are the “arms” going to look like?
  • Locating a place to practice the maneuver to score the ball in the llow box (we need a practice corner)  (Elevator landing in Coe)  (Get to Algonquin or Westborough to  Aztecs)



These will happen no matter what

  1. Drive
  2. Herd
  3. Score >= 6 pts
  4. Bumpers
  • Do this first week, while prototypers prototype
  • Documentation


Prioritize, try to get to as many as possible

  1. Maneuverable (drive train and practice)
  • Mecanum wheels
  • Hold (hardware) a. with potential to shoot if that system comes online b. Loading (hardware) — might not even need this
  • Shoot 8’ (hardware)
  • Some aiming (software)
  • Second robot for driving practice/thinkin’

If Time Permits

Reach goals

  1. Catch
  2. Differential power settings
  3. Vision system
  4. Modular goalie arm (sub 30 lb, replace shooter at competition)


  • Clean up after yourself
  • Help teammates clean up after themselves
  • We don’t leave until we scrum… we don’t scrum until the shop is clear
  • Half-finished projects go on shelves, not the floor
  • Scrap is only useful if it’s stock, stock is only useful if it’s organized

Current Projects

Things we can do before we have a design finalized…

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