Friday 1/6 Scrum Notes

  1. What did I do today?
  2. What will I do tomorrow?
  3. What’s standing in my way?

Cleanliness Team

  • We can see the ground and the walls… even some of the table!
  • New system for nuts and bolts and washers… back wall has 3 boxes (1 has washers, 1 has nuts, 1 has bolts — TRY to sort FIRST. IF you don’t where it goes, it goes there).
  • Ariah is labeling everything (with Mr. Wells’ translations)
  • We are Building Habits™ now, so we have them later.
  • This will be an ongoing project. In which we will all participate.


  • Got the GRIP software running again — with the Axis camera (can’t connect the Microsoft to GRIP, because the GRIP needs the IP address and the Microsoft camera does not divulge the address, so you need a side processor, e.g. a Raspberry Pi).
  • Setting up filters and whatnot for the Axis camera.
  • Need: More Axis cameras and mounts
  • Need: good camera mounts (good design-manufacturing project)

External Affairs

  • Shirt design is ongoing
  • Fill out the survey. Like… now. This is urgent so that we can get you registered for FIRST, sort out March Break plans.

Saturday Program

  • We have made groups for the Saturday-only folks… 1-2 afternoon folks paired with 1-2 new folks. These are your buddies.
  • The goal is for everyone to have a positive, productive experience on Saturday experiences.
  • The list will be shared… shortly.


  • Harry got better at CAD!

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