Thursday 1/5 Scrum Notes

  1. What did I do today?
  2. What will I do tomorrow?
  3. What’s standing in my way?

Turret Arm

  • Physical arm built and mounted to a platform
  • Thinking through winch/motors (steam-shovel-style)
  • Discussion of RPM/torque and gear-ratios
  • Tomorrow: mount winch and motor, figure out wiring (encoder?), hard limit switches (Talon SRX)

Cleaning the Robotics Room

  • “That room right there is… very clean.”
  • In the process of labeling everything
  • People need to put away the things they pick up — and not put things away in spaces that aren’t right.
  • The loose, mixed collection of nuts and bolts on top of the carts is not helpful.
  • Essentially: you are encouraged to put things where they belong.
  • Tomorrow: guided tours?

Saturday Prep

  • Harry has pulled together a PlayPosit interactive video tour of the workshop
  • Will be assigned for next Saturday (1/14) — Whee! (feedback to Harry about it!)


  • Problem: can get the Microsoft LiveCam connected to the SmartDashboard, but not GRIP
  • Tomorrow: consultation

External Affairs

  • Making a dashboard of things to accomplish
  • Communication with mentors (invite to Mentors for Saturday, Monday nights)
  • T-shirt designs

Things we’re learning…

  • Zenia is picking up some lathing… who else would be interested?
  • Vertical milling is happening on the third drill press.
  • 3D relief milling on the Carvey — proof of concept tomorrow? (Inventor to MeshCAM to Carvey)

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